Launched in 2015, Acapture is a modern, international payment service provider focused on maximising the revenues of merchants around the globe

Acapture, a global omnichannel PSP, designs payment solutions that maximise the revenue of merchants with international ambitions. Acapture’s platform features SlicePay for simplified split settlements, the best of human and machine intelligence platform for fraud detection and conversion optimization, flexible reporting, an in-house data science team, quick integration using one RESTful API, a streamlined reconciliation. It handles accounts receivable and accounts payable, providing global card acquiring, more than 20 ecommerce platform plugins, dispute handling, consolidated reporting and the ability to handle more than 80 of the most popular alternative Payment methods and over 150 transaction currencies.
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Sift Science
External but integrated to platform
Tokenization, hosted payment pages, currency conversion, 24/7 support across the globe, interchange optimization and consultancy, data science Controlscan