Adyen (AMS: ADYEN) is the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies

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Adyen provides a single platform across online, mobile and point-of-sale channels, where payment gateway, acquiring services, and risk management are all integrated on the same infrastructure, which is 100% built and managed in-house. By being both an acquirer and a full-service PSP, Adyen maintains a completely unique position in the industry.
Payment technology provider for ecommerce, POS and mobile, acquiring, risk management, reconciliation, reporting Pricing is calculated using the Interchange+ pricing model, in which the commission is calculated directly from the card schemes’ interchange fees. So businesses always see exactly what they are paying for every transaction.
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Device fingerprinting, Persistent cookies, Velocity checks RevenueProtect is a risk management toolkit that enables merchants to detect and prevent fraud using a combination of rule-based checks and machine learning. RevenueProtect automatically optimises your risk settings based on transaction data, and adapts quickly to new fraud patterns and to your unique business. Built into the Adyen payments platform, RevenueProtect helps merchants to fight fraud across all their sales channels, reduce chargebacks, and increase conversion.
Adyen provides built-in solutions: Adyen RevenueProtect
Payment routing; optimisation suite RevenueAcclerate, Dynamic 3D-Secure; recurring and one-click payments using tokenization; mobile SDK; pay out; vouchers; POS solution for face-to-face payments. None, everything is developed and maintained in-house.