BS PAYONE is one of the leading omnichannel-payment providers in Europe

- Automatic payment allocation - Integrated risk management - Higher conversion rates - Payment overarching credit management - A simple, efficient solution - Automated payment processes - Seamless integration with plug’n pay - Personal customer service
in-app payments on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, card payments in bricks and mortar business with stationary and mobile card terminals and cashless payments at unmanned stations, such as ticket and parking machines. Pricing varies depending on customer agreements. For more details, please contact our sales team.
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Bankaccount Check, POS Blacklist, Creditcard Check, BIN Check, BIN Country Filter, IP Check, IP Country Filter, Velocity Check, Blacklist (IBAN, email, credit card), address checks, credit assessment, AVS, 3-D Secure;
Boniversum, Arvato
purchase on credit, credit scoring, credit control, receivables management, online void and refund, payment guarantee
Integrations for many solutions, shop extensions for all common shopmodules More information available upon request