Deutsche Card Services broadens the range of Deutsche Bank's cash management services

Thanks to its highly qualified resources as well as detailed global and local expertise Deutsche Bank and its repeatedly named "best acquirer for international merchants" can offer: - Higher sales and lower losses - Less work and complexity - Flexibility and tailor-made solutions - More transparency and leaner procedures - Better liquidity - Security and reliability
Acquiring for CNP, CP and ATM, payment service provision and receivables management Pricing is based on individual calculation, please contact
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Data validation 3-D Secure, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, IP geolocation, multi-merchant purchase history, global validation checks, velocity checks, , geographical checking, parameter format checking, transaction limit checking, risk scoring, geo IP-origin check, black/ white list, solvency checks, account checks, card checks, AVS, address verification services
retail decisions (ReD), arvato infoscore, BÜRGEL, Deltavista, Domnowski, SCHUFA, KUNO
receivables management, purchase on credit, payment guarantee, instalment payment
Comprehensive online administration tools free of charge: Automatic Inormation System (AIS), Business Information System (BIS), Chargeback Information System (CIS) and Debtor Information System (DIS); MOTO SSL terminal for easy and quick mail order transactions; extensions for online-shop numerous